Lake Oahe Missouri River Fishing Reports

Fished on Lake Oahe out of Langliers and Beaver Bay a few times last week and the fishing is still excellent with limits coming in.  The depths are really starting to be key now with the fish a little shallower in the morning, around 12-15' and as the day warms they move to the deeper water out to about 25'.  Most fish we are catching are coming on crawler rigs and bottom bouncers as well as crankbaits.  I would expect this fishery to stay strong for quite some time possibly all summer the way it's looking now!

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I was on the East end this past weekend and the fishing was tough to say the least.  Tried different presentations and many depths and just couldn't seem to figure them out.  I saw lots of bait fish in the shallows and I'm thinking this is why they just won't bite. 

We did have a boat in the Douglas area also and they did good with a limit of walleye from 15 to 20 inches.  Most of these fish came on bottom bouncer rigs and night crawlers with a couple coming on a jig and a minnow.  He covered a lot of area until he found them but once he did it was pretty fast.

We also had a boat out west in the Van Hook arm area and this is by far the best and most consistent fishing on Lake Sakakawea for us right now.  Limits are coming pretty easy and the fish are nice sized in the 18 to 20 inch range mostly.  The best water depth seems to be in the 12 to 18 foot range.  All fish came on bouncer rigs with crawlers.

I do expect the fishing to get better with each day that passes and the water warms a bit.  Lake Sakakawea is an amazing fishery and when it starts picking up, hold on!

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The walleye fishing on Lake Oahe near the state line is pretty amazing right now with limits coming easy.  We have caught fish just about any way you can catch a walleye, minnows, crawlers, jigs, cranks, bottom bouncers and anything else you can think of.  We have also been catching many other species including some real nice Northern Pike, we've had a couple approaching that 20 lb mark!  Depth doesn't seem to be real important but I would target the 12 to 15 foot range.

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The Big Lake is finally starting to show some life!  We had a couple boats up there this past week a few different days with pretty good success.  Mostly working the Douglas Bay area with limits of fish coming in varying in size from 15 to 19 inchers common and a few big ones also.  We have been working depths in the 5 to 12 foot range for the most part and night crawlers on live bait rigs seem to be the best.  We have also been catching fish on jigs and minnows. 

Fishing should get better from here on out and if you are interested in a fun filled day of walleye fishing on one of the best walleye fisheries check us out at and give Brian  a call.
There is getting to be a lot to report with fishing getting good on new bodies of water as well as remaining good on the same old ones.  First of all lets start with the Missouri River near Bismarck.  Still easy limits of walleyes coming in throughout the river using mostly jigs tipped with berkley gulp and minnows.  Crankbaits have been working well also but I would still rather catch them on jigs so that is the presentation I have been going with.  The size of this fish has went down a little bit but surprisingly we are still catching some nice fish on occasion.  I would still rate the fishin excellent on the Missouri River.

The next body of water is Lake Oahe from Beaver Bay to the State Line.  The walleye fishing down there is really starting to heat up.  Along with a good number of fish there is a good number of nice healthy fish.  I caught fish using both crankbaits and lindy rigs with minnows.  Most walleyes I caught came in the 12 to 14 foot range and the fish ranged in size from 17 to 19 inches.  This walleye bite will only get better in the weeks to come.

Finally we had a couple guides on Lake Sakakawea this past weekend and the walleye fishing is spotty at best. One day will be pretty good and the next is tough.  The fish that we are catching are coming on jigs and lindy's with minnows.  It seems like the action is better in the afternoon than in the mornings.  The thing that keeps a person wanting to go back is the size of the fish.  The biggest last week was almost 29 inches with a few in the 21 to 23 inch range, but you really need to work for them.  I am curious to see when this lake heats up, there is definitely a good population of big fish in this lake but there is also a good population of baitfish which is making it tough right now.  I do believe the bite will pickup though.

We truly are spoiled here in North Dakota with these world class walleye fisheries in so many directions.  The hardest decision we have is which one to go to, which is a great problem to have.  If you are interested in enjoying a day on the water with us check us out at and give Brian a call.

 The fishing on the Missouri River is still good with easy limits of walleye coming in.  Myself and the other guides have been out quite a bit in the last week, mostly around town.  We have been using jigs and minnows or plastics.  I expect the fishing to remain good for at least a couple more weeks.  Oahe is starting to pick up for walleye action also.  Lake Oahe should get better with each day that passes.  The whole Missouri river system is an amazing fishery right now, if you get the chance get out and enjoy this world class walleye fishery. Lake Sakakawea is hit or miss right now but there are some nice fish coming in with the best bite coming in the afternoons in about 8 to 12 feet of water.

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The river has gotten muddy and has come up due to all the recent rainfall we had.  Before the rain the fishing was excellent and I expect the same in a few days when everything settles down again.  Concentrate your efforts in the same areas as before, slower current areas.  I have been still using jigs but primarily using Berkley gulp instead of minnows.  Once things clear up I would think the walleye fishing will be outstanding again and should remain good for a few more weeks.

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 This Missouri River walleye fishing is remaining strong right now but the weather is making it tough to get out.  We have been able to sneak out a few times and the fish are still aggressive despite the weather.  Most fish are still coming on Jigs and minnows or Berkley gulp.  Some are getting fish on crankbaits but I personally just haven't had that good of luck with them.  The best bite seems to be south of Bismarck right now but I wouldn't be surprised if it starts picking up north of town also.  I expect the fishing to be good for a while yet so get out and enjoy this great fishery.

If you are interested in an excellent time on a world class walleye fishery check us out at and give Brian a call.

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Lake Oahe Guides are a group of licensed Fishing Guides that offer fully guided fishing trips and are based out of Bismarck, ND. Lake Oahe Guides focuses their efforts not only on the Lake Oahe region around Bismarck but also on Lake Sakakawea.

While most of our efforts are concentrated on walleye some of the other species we encounter are northern pike, white bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, carp and more.

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