Lake Oahe Missouri River Fishing Reports

Well looks like I spoke a little to soon with my last report, as it seems it was getting muddy as I was typing.  The river ended up extremely muddy due to the snow fall so I do not have much to report.  Visibility in most places was about an 1" so we have not been on the water in a few days and probably won't be until the water cleans up a bit.  I hope we start seeing the river clean up in the next week or so, starting with the northern parts and working south.  I would think the walleye fishing should be hot when this all straightens out.  I will report as soon as we get back out.
Walleye fishing the past few days has been good with many limits coming in.  I was glad to see that the snow we had last week didn't mess up the fishing or the water clarity at all, It was actually a good thing that it stayed on the cold side for a couple days.  As far as I know all the major ramps in the Bismarck/Mandan area are now open and the docks are in at most of them.  All fish we are catching we are getting on jigs tipped with minnows in a lot of different depths, from 10 to 25'.  The walleyes are starting to be a little more aggressive and with each warm day we have in the days to come this should improve and really get these fish eating.  There are a lot of fish around already, as was expected which makes for some good action.  We have been concentrating from Bismarck/Mandan and south, we are getting some real nice fish with the biggest so far just under 27 inches and quite a few coming in between 20 to 23 inches.  Hopefully you can get out and enjoy as much of this nice spring weather as possible and catch a few walleyes, it's starting out to be one of the best springs I can ever remember!

Check out the photo gallery for some of this past weeks walleye action on the Missouri River near Bismarck and if anyone is interested in an exciting fishing experience check us out at and give Brian a call.
Walleye fishing on the Missouri River this past weekend was good, we had several boats out and most of them catching limits of fish.  I am curious to see what this storm did to the fishing and it looks like we will have to wait a little while to find out as the temps look to be cold until at least Friday.  Hopefully the snow melts nice and slow so the water doesn't get too dirty, it was nice and clean.  Most fish we are catching are nice healthy fish ranging from 15 to 20 inches with a couple up to 25 inches!  All fish were caught using jigs and minnows, working the bait real slow.  The same boat ramps are open on the Bismarck side of the River with the addition of  the Little Heart ramp and the Graner Bottoms ramp on the Mandan side.  Hopefully this winter weather will leave us soon and we can get back on the water, I will report back as soon as I can get back out.
The walleye fishing is definitely starting heat up unlike the weather.  We had numerous boats out in the last few days with a good number of fish getting caught by our guides.  All fish were caught on jigs tipped with minnows.  Work the jigs real slow and concentrate on the deeper calm water, we have caught fish as deep as 25 feet of water.  I expect the fishing to get better each day as the water warms up.  The boat ramps open still remain the same, merriwether's, fox island and the desert.  I checked the rifle range ramp last night and it still had ice as well as the little heart ramp.

This years open water season is starting out good and should get better, if anyone is interested in getting in on the walleye action this spring check us out at and give Brian a call.
Well the Missouri River in the Bismarck area is officially open, let the open water walleye fishing begin!  As of today the Merriwether, Fox Island and the Desert boar ramps are open and I have seen boats out of all three of them the last few days.  We had a boat out last Thursday in the Bismarck area and they ended up with 8 keeper walleyes.  All fish were caught using jigs tipped with minnows.  Make sure to fish the jigs real slow, right now with the water temps as cold as they are the fish aren't too active.  I also docked out of the Fox Island boat ramp on Thursday but we went south and didn't do as good.  I didn't have time to fish for long but had to get on the water and it sure was fun to be back out there.  It's good to see there are a few fish around which is a good sign for what is to come.  I am excited to get back out when some of the ice gets pushed out of the slack areas because I have a feeling there are a lot of walleyes around right now.
Not much to report right now as we are patiently waiting for the ice to disappear in the Bismarck area.  Looks like we should be on the water in the next week, well at least that is what I am hoping.  The river is open in the northern stretches and it looks to be open as far south as Bismarck/Mandan.  I do not know of any boat ramps usable yet but it usually doesn't take long after the ice is all gone.  I expect the fishing to be good right away with as good as the ice bite was down south this winter, but we won't know for sure until we can get out.  I will report back next week and hopefully I will have some good information.
 Went up to the east end of Lake Sakakawea yesterday to try our luck for some walleyes for probably the last time this ice season (hopefully we will be in the boats soon) and it did not end the way that I had hoped.  We drilled a ton of holes and covered a lot of points and islands and didn't have much to show for it.  Fished depths anywhere from 6 to 50 feet and moved around a lot trying to find fish on the vexilars.  All areas we fished were new to us, at least this ice season.  Should have probably stuck to the areas we have been catching fish all winter.  Ice was still plenty thick where we were, we needed an extension on the auger everywhere we went.  There is getting to be a lot of water on the ice especially along shores.  Use caution this time of year as the ice conditions can change fast, be sure to check ice as you go.
 Ice fishing was good this past weekend with a lot of walleyes caught in the 15 to 22 inch range.  I like to concentrate on areas close to the river channel as the fish are migrating in good numbers right now.  Set up on the edge of the channel, once I find them on the electronics I like to set up 3 dead rods and jig with the fourth with either a Buckshot rattling spoon or some other jigging spoon.  If you find the fish they should be easy to catch because they tend to be more aggressive this time of year.  There isn't much time left for the hard water season so get out and enjoy what's left.  Make sure to check ice and be careful, it can deteriorate quick.

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