Lake Oahe Missouri River Fishing Reports

 Well, spring is here and so are the open water walleyes!  Fishing has been good the past few weeks with limits coming in most areas of the Missouri River near Bismarck.  Most fish coming in are between 16 to 18 inches with some real nice ones mixed in.  The biggest I have seen so far has been a 32 incher and quite a few others between 25 and 28 inches!  Most walleyes are getting caught with  a jig and a minnow but a few have been getting caught on crankbaits lately.  The walleye fishing should remain strong and only get better as the water temps increase.  I expect this spring to be one to remember!

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Fishing on Lake Sakakawea is excellent right now and it is not uncommon to boat 30 to 40 walleyes per day and many other species also which makesfor an exciting day on the water.  Most walleyes are coming in 20 to 30 feet of water this past week and we have been using crawler harnesses with bottom bouncers.  Most main lake points seem to have fish on them, we have been on the water from Douglas Bay to the Beacon and it is the same story everywhere I have been.  Most fish we are catching are 14 to 17 inches but have caught some very nice walleyes up to about 28 inches and a few in the 24 to 26 inch range.  We have also caught some real nice smallmouth bass and Northern pike as well.  Lake Sakakawea is an amazing fishery right now and looks to stay strong the rest of the open water season.

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Fishing remains good on Lake Oahe in North Dakota with easy limits coming in.  We are working 20+ feet of water with either crankbaits or crawler rigs and bottom bouncers.  Work the wind blown shoreline and points.  Most fish are 14 to 16 inches with and occasional walleye up to 20 inches.  We have been putting in at the state line and working pretty much all directions from there.  There is definitely a good population of fish in the area right now and looks like the walleye fishing should remain good the rest of the year.

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Well now that the tournaments are over on the Big Lake we have some info we can give.  First of all I would like to congratulate all of our guides who cashed a check in the Governors cup and the Dakota Walleye Classic.  

The fishing really picked up the week between the Governors cup to the Classic.  Most fish in the Gov Cup came back in the bays shallow pitching cranks and jigs as well as livebait rigs.  The fishing was tough and the bites were few and far between so you really needed to capitalize on the bites you got.

The fishing last week however was a completely different story with most people catching  lots of fish pretty much anywhere.  The winners did come back in a bay but the gusty winds might have played a factor in that.  There were fish on main lake points as well as in the bays and we caught at least 50 fish per day prefishing.  The fish we were catching were coming on nightcrawlers and leeches in 15 to 20 feet of water.  We worked the points to the west of beaver all the way to the beacon.  I did not fish much in the bays or East of Beulah Bay but heard the bite was good all over there as well.  I did catch some fish on crankbaits as well while prefishing.  I was pulling flickershads on leadcore in 15 to 20 feet.

Fishing is excellent on Lake Sakakawea right now with easy limits getting caught.  If you are interested in a walleye fishing trip on the Big Lake check us out at and give Brian a call.
Had boats out on Sakakawea a few times last week and the fishing seems to be improving with easier limits of walleyes coming in.  With the upcoming Governors cup tourney this week I won't say much other than the fishing is starting to heat up.  Should be interesting to see what the waits will be.

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 Fishing remains excellent on Lake Oahe.  We had boats down there several days last week with easy limits of walleyes getting caught.  We worked areas 15 to 20 feet deep with crankbaits near the stateline.  Most fish we are getting are 14 to 17 inches but actually had a few over 20 inches as well.  We also fished spinners with nightcrawlers working points in the same depths.  Looks like this fishery is going to stay good all summer with the amount of fish still in the area.

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The walleye fishing on Lake Sakakawea is a little spotty right now.  We are catching limits most days if the weather cooperates.  I think the water still needs to warm up and the fishing should get a little more consistent, however the fishing can be very good some days.   We have had boats fishing steady the past week and we have found fish all over with no real depth or contour pattern to follow.  We have caught fish in the bays as well as on main lake points.  We haven't been able to put a real good crank bite together so we have been concentrating on live bait rigs.  One thing we have found is that there seems to be a lot of smelt around and the fish really don't need to eat what we put in front of them.  If you can find fish on the electronics and fish them long enough they will bite but the hard part sometimes is waiting long enough.  This doesn't sound like the best fishing report but there still is some good fishing to be had.  We had a couple days last week that we boated around 30 walleyes.

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Fishing remains good on the North Dakota side of Lake Oahe.  We had boats out of the State line area a few times last week with good results limiting out on Walleyes and catching some other species mixed in.  The bigger fish that we caught came on crankbaits in a wide variety of depths.  We have caught fish in as little as 12 feet and as deep as 25 feet.  We have fished with live bait a little lately but cranks definitely seem to be working better still.  The fishing on this fishery remains strong and doesn't look to be letting up at all in the near future.

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Lake Oahe Guides are a group of licensed Fishing Guides that offer fully guided fishing trips and are based out of Bismarck, ND. Lake Oahe Guides focuses their efforts not only on the Lake Oahe region around Bismarck but also on Lake Sakakawea.

While most of our efforts are concentrated on walleye some of the other species we encounter are northern pike, white bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, carp and more.

From daily fishing packages to multi-day fishing packages, Lake Oahe Guides will accommodate any group of any size.

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